Friday, May 20, 2011

Indian Drum & Buddy Cole on Conan

I had a freaking MASSIVE KITH dream last night. I went to bed thinking about tickets/travel costs for Kevin & Scott's show in Chicago and thought that I really should find out if they will be touring anywhere closer to KY. From there my brain went on overdrive, fueled by a late night carrot feast and started thinking of the eventual Conan promotion... 
It starts with me in the front row of Conan O'Brien's show. Kevin comes out dressed in the Dr. Seuse outfit and starts talking about symbols, then he holds up a cymbal and everyone screams. Scott slides out (also in DS costume) and starts doing the Indian Drum sketch with a tiny fake drum. I guess they switched parts. But he doesn't really know it so he's doing a 'spoken word' piece.  They get done and trip off stage because the costume feet are slippery. Conan is laughing like a mad man and I ask him if he enjoyed it. "No, I just knew it was going to be that crappy."

I tweet that it's crazy that the Kids in the Hall are on Conan the one night I get to be there.

Then I'm at that side stage door that Conan always uses and Scott is on stage with Whoppi Goldberg doing a boardroom sketch about business men. Scott stops the sketch and tells Whoppi that she's doing something wrong, in front of the audience. She gets upset, gets an attitude and stops off to sit in the front row of the audience, who is now very uncomfortable. Mark then comes out and tells her she shouldn't be disrespectful because Scott is making them dinner that night and she owes him.

While this is going on Bruce is sitting backstage in a LOW cut blue dress. I noticed that he didn't shave/wax his chest and that he should before playing a woman. He says, "It's just Conan." Mark is now in a BIG Jim Henson puppet where his head is in the body of the puppet and his arm is up controlling the mouth. Like Big Bird, BUT the puppet looks like Grover. He starts the sketch that involves a phone and I'm still backstage with Bruce, who's forgotten his first line for when he answers the phone. I feed him a line to say and he goes out on stage.

After the show we go into a little room with chair/desks like you have in school. The 'after party' is everyone sitting in these little desks and eating finger sandwiches. Dave is sitting beside me. He wasn't able to be on the show because he was doing standup somewhere that night but he's there to meet with the other guys. At one point I walked over to a woman and told her she looked as good as Dave as a woman, and assured her that that was very high praise.
Dave as a woman.
It seems that it was Dave as a woman but my dream made her a different person. Went back to Dave and told him the story and he just smiled.

Bruce and I got into a conversation about how I became a KITH fan. I told him I was pretty sure that I watched NewsRadio first and then while flipping though stations saw Dave on KITH and stopped. "Oh, so you didn't watch us first." Even in my dreams Bruce makes things awkward...

Then a teacher came into this little room and sent everyone a text, which I didn't get... she did teaching though texts and would send out the notes for the class that way. Mark & Kevin snuck in cause they were running late. ANNNNNND that was the end of the dream.

So with that... the sketch that started it all.

And for kicks & giggles... a Buddy Cole/ Scott Thompson interview from Conan O'Brien. Gotta love Coco. 

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