Monday, June 30, 2008

White Filipino Boy

I know nothing about this sketch, except the fact that I like it!

White Filipino Boy

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dr. Seuss Bible

In a earlier post I mentioned that Dave Foley had two favorite sketches.

This is the second. He got the idea when he saw that Christians were making bible comic books, or action figures etc.

And so he came up with the,

Dr. Seuss Bible

They had a lot of censorship issues with this sketch, and they had to build the crucifixion machine at night in secret.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hazy Movie

This is the first sketch to include one, of my two favorite characters, Bruno Punch Jones.

There's something about a tan Dave in a white suit.

I also love the fact that Dave shoots the other Dave, and for a background note on the sketch, Scott wrote it, but Dave was the only one who would be in it, so he ended up being Bruno Punch Jones.

Hazy Movie

Friday, June 27, 2008


So today is Friday, (thank goodness) and I wanted to you leave the work week thinking, "Well, at least I don't have it that bad."

And so I give you Sausages, also known as The Sketch that Nearly Broke Up the Group.

This sketch was very close to causing the demise of the group. Dave hated it. I don't know about Kevin, but I get the feeling Kevin was with Dave on that one. Bruce fought for it, even thought it was really long and pretty odd.

Now, Dave likes the sketch. He says it took him time, but he really enjoys it now, and he's surprised at how much the fans like it.

To be honest, Scott is perfect in this one, so what's not to love?

And now...


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Simon and Hecubus - The Pit of Ultimate Darkness

Apparently I've yet to post a Simon and Hecubus video...
I'm really surprised by that. When I in my first wave of Kids love I would freak when Simon and Hecubus came on. And I still do.

Some facts about the duo. Originally Mark and Kevin wrote this together, with Mark as Simon and Kevin as Hecubus. Kevin told Mark he wanted to be Simon, so Mark said he would be Hecubus. Then Kevin said he wanted Dave to be Hecubus, and Mark gave in and let Dave be Hecubus.

Kevin gets aggravated because people call them the Hecubus guys, and because people call him Hecubus in the streets. Dave says he'll never wear the tights again. But after I saw the tour DVD, I think he made the right call.

So now, the FIRST Simon and Hecubus sketch.

The Pit of Ultimate Darkness

It's Mark's birthday! And this is my favorite picture of him... Very attractive!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bad Doctor

They guys say that Dave has a thing for blood. Maybe that's the reason I laugh more at Dave than any of the others, though he's not my favorite...
If you take a look at his sketches over the years he does tend to use, or wear a lot of blood. And this is one of the best...

Bad Doctor

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This was under recently added, and I'm VERY happy that it is. This is one of my favorite sketches. The music, Dave as a pretty girl, and each of the guys are in it. What's not to love!

Apparently a site has posted it and called it Lesbian Wedding, but whatever.

And the boys were voted number 85 in the 100 new tv classics! Nice going guys!



Monday, June 23, 2008

Steps: Gay Marriage

So Dave plays the character Riley in STEPS, which I believe Scott was the primary writer of, because Dave told him in the commentary that he stole that character for a few others he's done. But the most obvious one is, Troy from Blast from the Past. I've included the trailer which has some nice Troy moments in it.

NOTE: This is maybe the WORST trailer I've ever seen, even if it does say Dave Foley is the best...

But first,
Steps: Gay Marriage

Blast from the Past

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can't Kill Rock

I'm not sure if this is the real name for the sketch, but I love this one. I put it at the beginning of a KITH mix CD for the ride down to Nashville to see them and I can't skip over it when it comes on. There's just something about it, so now I've got it memorized...

Maybe it's that Dave plays the flute.

Can't Kill Rock

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daves I Know

There's been a shocking lack of Bruce...

But not anymore!!!
I have what many would call a very straight laced friend, and though she's a great person, KITH is not her cuppa. BUT she LOVES this sketch. So if you are going to introduce someone to KITH, maybe this is the way to go. :)

Daves I Know

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sketch Comedy

Sorry this one is late... I was sick and didn't go to work today, so I was away from my computer...

Today, a classic!

This was one of the few that as a youngster I really understood... maybe that's because it has a very looney tunes way about it.

Sketch Comedy

And just to make things interesting... My favorite Looney Tunes cartoon.

What's Opera Doc

Come on... it has cross dressing, morbid humor, and random song... Seems very KITH like to me...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Girl Drink Drunk

If you went to see this Kids on this past tour they had, Girl Drink Drunk shirts. This is the sketch for that shirt.

Dave based it on Kevin, who didn't drink until they introduced him to fruity drinks. Kevin said he could drink those because they taste like candy.

Dave has said that this sketch and the Dr Seuss Bible are his favorite sketches, and he fought the other guys for two years to do Girl Drink Drunk.
I believe it's in season three, so he wanted this sketch from the beginning of the show.

Hope you like it.

Girl Drink Drunk

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bruce's Cry For Help

Well I don't have any interesting extras about this clip. So I'm just going to use this opportunity to draw attention to Scott's outfit. That and the fact that Kevin is wearing chucks, which I'm a BIG fan of, but I'm also a big fan of Kevin.

Bruce's Cry For Help

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fat Hitchhiker

Some of you may know that Kevin hasn't always been a skinny guy.

If you get the DVD's (hint hint) there are a few clips of Kevin when he was bigger. When the guys went to New York, Kevin lost around 60 pounds. I don't know how he did it, Bruce said something about having a room full of mirrors, but I think that was a joke.

In the pilot episode commentary Kevin points out that he was really eating the sandwich in his hand like it was a big deal at that time, so maybe he just really cut back on food.

Once Scott called Kevin a Walloon (google it) and Kevin thought Scott had said balloon. He started yelling at Scott that he was trying to lose the weight and he got really upset. It's a cute story, and I'm sure it's on one of the DVD extras.

Anyway this sketch always stuck me as funny knowing that Kevin use to be bigger, and that he lost 60 lbs.

Fat Hitchhiker

Monday, June 16, 2008

Seven Things To Do

So it's a Monday...

I don't know about you guys but Monday tends to be my 'catch up' day. I run around hoping to get some bills paid and some shopping done now that I'm back from the weekend.

I am a list writer. So is Kevin McDonald and I believe Norm Hiscock who wrote the sketch with Kevin, so I am a big fan of this one, and I've been known to mumble, "Gotta keep on top of my life..." :)

This sketch also referenced the Reservoir Dogs, which Tarantino was very happy about.

Seven Things To Do

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy Drank

Well folks... it's Father's day.

So to honor the good fathers out there, let's look at an example of a bad one.

This sketch was based on Kevin's own father.
Kevin said this about the kids,
"Sadly, most of the Kids in the Hall had drunk dads... before we had our TV show we used to joke that our stage show was 'The Drunk Dad Show."
I remember Kevin saying in some article or commentary that he was telling Dave this story about his father, and Dave just said, 'That's really funny.' After that Dave and Kevin worked on this sketch. It is funny but I can't imagine being a kid with that around.

And so... Daddy Drank.

Also, girl drink drunk was based on Kevin... but that's for a later time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sid and Sharisse and the Pizza Guy

Thank you guys for your comments!
I love it!

Happy Saturday!

So, here's a fun couple, Sid and Sharisse. I swear I use to live above these two. The arguments were amazing.

Watch Mark after, "You're my sunflower." That had me cracking up for 10 mins. Oh Mark.
If you watch the Rivoli clips on the DVD you'll see that Mark and Kevin switched places. Gotta say I'm glad they did... Mark makes the perfect Sharisse.

Sid & Sharisse and the Pizza Guy

Friday, June 13, 2008


This clip is easily one of my favorites.

When Scott did the live chat I asked him who was the most uncomfortable kissing each other, and Scott said he and Kevin because they had never kissed.

Well, as you'll see in the clip that's not true. So when I got to him in Nashville I said, 'You do kiss Kevin, in Comfortable...' and he thought about it, and we talked it out, and when he did remember he let out this huge, 'I DO!' and there was a beautiful smile on his face.

Also when they did this one live it would take 15 mins because Scott and Kevin would do crazy stuff to make the audience laugh. And Kevin's dad was in the audience one night... that must have been interesting. Also, Scott and Kevin kiss in more than just this one.

So now I give you...


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Secret of Nudity

Today we have Mark, and only Mark, because I feel bad about having only four of the guys in the first clip... But Reg isn't on YouTube.

So to make up for the shocking lack of Mark yesterday there may be more Mark than your ready for today!


I don't have any little behind the scenes info about this one, but when I first fell in love with Kids In The Hall, Mark was my favorite. I also found him profoundly attractive, so this sketch has that magical glow of nostalgia around it for me.

The Secret of Nudity

And a BIG Happy Birthday to Mr. Scott Thompson!

You're beautiful!
June 12, 1959

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Welcome to the Kids In The Hall, Clip of the Day blog.

I started doing this month ago on my personal blog, but I decided to post where everyone can watch and enjoy.

So let me set some things straight before I begin.

-I do not have a problem showing these clips. I didn't upload them, I'm not making any money from this blog, and I own everything the Kids have ever put on DVD, so there is no guilt.

-I highly suggest everyone gets a copy of the DVD's for themselves. This blog will not be a DVD replacement, there aren't enough clips for that. It's simply a place to go once a day and get a laugh.

Really I just want to keep the KITH wave going now that the tour is done, and I want a place where friends of mine who don't know the Kids can learn about them, and enjoy their clips.

So for the first post I thought it was appropriate to show a clip from the pilot.


The guys talk about this in the commentary, but you can see Bruce say the lines of the others, even to their face. Watch for it!