Thursday, June 26, 2008

Simon and Hecubus - The Pit of Ultimate Darkness

Apparently I've yet to post a Simon and Hecubus video...
I'm really surprised by that. When I in my first wave of Kids love I would freak when Simon and Hecubus came on. And I still do.

Some facts about the duo. Originally Mark and Kevin wrote this together, with Mark as Simon and Kevin as Hecubus. Kevin told Mark he wanted to be Simon, so Mark said he would be Hecubus. Then Kevin said he wanted Dave to be Hecubus, and Mark gave in and let Dave be Hecubus.

Kevin gets aggravated because people call them the Hecubus guys, and because people call him Hecubus in the streets. Dave says he'll never wear the tights again. But after I saw the tour DVD, I think he made the right call.

So now, the FIRST Simon and Hecubus sketch.

The Pit of Ultimate Darkness

It's Mark's birthday! And this is my favorite picture of him... Very attractive!

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