Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Welcome to the Kids In The Hall, Clip of the Day blog.

I started doing this month ago on my personal blog, but I decided to post where everyone can watch and enjoy.

So let me set some things straight before I begin.

-I do not have a problem showing these clips. I didn't upload them, I'm not making any money from this blog, and I own everything the Kids have ever put on DVD, so there is no guilt.

-I highly suggest everyone gets a copy of the DVD's for themselves. This blog will not be a DVD replacement, there aren't enough clips for that. It's simply a place to go once a day and get a laugh.

Really I just want to keep the KITH wave going now that the tour is done, and I want a place where friends of mine who don't know the Kids can learn about them, and enjoy their clips.

So for the first post I thought it was appropriate to show a clip from the pilot.


The guys talk about this in the commentary, but you can see Bruce say the lines of the others, even to their face. Watch for it!


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Julie said...

That's one of my favorites! :D

(Yes, this is Julie from LJ.)