Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fat Hitchhiker

Some of you may know that Kevin hasn't always been a skinny guy.

If you get the DVD's (hint hint) there are a few clips of Kevin when he was bigger. When the guys went to New York, Kevin lost around 60 pounds. I don't know how he did it, Bruce said something about having a room full of mirrors, but I think that was a joke.

In the pilot episode commentary Kevin points out that he was really eating the sandwich in his hand like it was a big deal at that time, so maybe he just really cut back on food.

Once Scott called Kevin a Walloon (google it) and Kevin thought Scott had said balloon. He started yelling at Scott that he was trying to lose the weight and he got really upset. It's a cute story, and I'm sure it's on one of the DVD extras.

Anyway this sketch always stuck me as funny knowing that Kevin use to be bigger, and that he lost 60 lbs.

Fat Hitchhiker

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