Thursday, May 19, 2011

Head Crusher: Pilot

Within the past few week I started planning a trip to Toronto. I've never been on a trip with my best friend Brad and we decided it was time to change that. When I asked where he wanted to go, he said a city, so I put Toronto forward and he was game.

In truth I love Toronto. I was there about seven years ago and thought it was a great city but I don't remember too much about my trip, simply because I have a horrible memory. There are people who will put us up for the stay as well which will help trip expenses. And so the Toronto trip was born.

Then it morphed into a Kids In The Hall tour of Toronto. First I found this site with a map of Toronto based KITH moments. Now I'm going through the commentaries to find more places that would be nice to visit. For example, the beautiful park in this Head Crusher sketch.

This is the first time the Head Crusher is ever seen. A clip from their pilot and it's also the park across from the original Second City where Kevin met Dave.
When you go to Liverpool they take you to Woolton Parish Church where John & Paul met... the Second City is closed, but the park will serve as a place to mark the beginning of the Kids In The Hall...why not.

All I had was the note about it being across from the old Second City but I had no idea about the location of the park. Sent an email to Toronto 311 and got this thorough response. 
Second City operated from its Toronto founding in 1974 until it moved in 1997 out of 110 Lombard Street.  This building served as the Central Fire Station of the City of Toronto from 1886 until 1969 and is known as the Old Fire Hall.  At the present time it is operated by Gilda's Club, Greater Toronto.  Gilda's Club, named after former Second City member Gilda Radner offers support to cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families.
The park which you are looking for is St. James Park, which is approximately a block from the Old Fire Hall.  It is bounded by Adelaide Street on the North, Jarvis Street on the east, King Street on the south and St. James Cathedral on the west.  The Sculpture Gardens is across King Street from St. James Park.
 So I'm slowly pulling together a KITH tour. Once I get the route sussed out I'll share it. Should be fun.

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