Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potato Salad

We need more Bruce, and because Bruce seems to be the king of WTF on Kids in the Hall, it only seems appropriate that we should wrap up WTF weekend with him.

This one is really odd... but I like that this woman shows up again AND has the same music. I love her hair.

Potato Salad

I can't help but see some similarities between her and the Cunningham Muffins lady. Besides the fact they are both men in drag... the voices are kinda similar and the "Potatoes!" reminds me of "_____ muffins!"

I love Shoes, but Cunningham Muffins is still my favorite.


Niki D said...

Some days I just wanna go into Bruce's head and find out what he was thinking when he wrote this sketch lmao

Anonymous said...

omg. i am all over liam sullivan right now! i just discovered the wonder of shoes, and bruce mcculloch is one of the 8 greatest people living.

OneCheekyHobbit said...

Now I want to know who the other 8 are... :)

And the idea of being in Bruce's head is one I've had before, but I turned back... in fear.