Friday, August 1, 2008

Fine Ham Abounds

Proof that I can post one I'm not a fan of... :)

I like Bruce, but some of the stuff he does I can't say I like... for example, Cabbage Head, Eradicator, Gavin, He's Hip He's Cool He's 45, and Bob.

That's right...

So I'll post this one... because not only does it have Bob, but it has Bob's dad, the trucker guy, who I also hate.
So to end on a positive note, things I DO like about this one.
-"The ocean Bob?"
-Nicole de Boer (She's going to be on Stargate Atlantis soon... but I like her from Cube.)
-Kevin's glasses

Fine Ham Abounds

Seriously though, I really like Bruce!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about Bruce though. How come you don't like Cabbage Head?? I think that's his best character! haha
I have to say this is prolly my favorite Bob sketch, just cause of Mark's face when he flicks the light on really.

OneCheekyHobbit said...

Yeah the guy who posted it on YouTube said it was his favorite Bob sketch, and you know, it might be mine too... but I can't say I've watched the Bob sketches more than once. We'll just say it is because of the "ocean" lines.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know I looove Dave Foley in the sketches haha. I also like the few seconds where they're all in the sketch together. Always works for me