Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yes Dear

Poor Mark. You can't help but feel bad for him in this sketch. But I don't know what's worse... his sad face or Kevin's voice for the bird. :)

Yes Dear

Today we have a BONUS clip. The Kids In The Hall recently got a star on the Canadian walk of fame. After KD Lang, Scott talks to the nervous interviewer, and has Paul Bellini drifting behind him. There are also shots of the other guys at the event, though I didn't see Bruce. If you see him let me know, and I'll put his name in the tags. Is it just me or does KD Lang look like she's going to eat that little guy?


Jupiter Jahosofat said...

What was the song they used in the beginning?

OneCheekyHobbit said...

I have no idea. I would think some sort of generic copyright free stuff.

But I'm really not sure...
(You are talking about the interview clip, correct?)