Friday, September 5, 2008

Hotel la Rut, and Surprise!

Well, today's the day!

My favorite sketch the Kids in the Hall have ever done!
But it has a set up... Hotel La Rut!

Things that I love about this sketch.
-It has Danny Husk
-Dave's face when Mark pushes him out the door
-Kevin's voice, is the best part
-The end. The sweet, amazing, end.

I've never laughed as hard as when I first saw this sketch. Such joy.




Anonymous said...

I definitely have to say Hotel La Rut is one of my top personal favorites. I love how tiny Kevin's feet look in the last one lol

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love both of those!

OneCheekyHobbit said...

His little feet! Ahaha, aww bless.

I'd never noticed.

Anonymous said...

I never really understood Surprise all that much. But the more I watch it, the more I really like it haha