Sunday, November 6, 2011

For interview Sunday, a written interview with Scott Thompson about a few things, but some REALLY interesting insight into being a gay male in comedy. 
I was telling someone the other day that Dave Foley was a comedy hero of mine, and he truly is, but really each of this kids are in their own way. And Scott isn't a comedy hero for being gay, he's a comedy hero for being vocal. It never matters what subject he's on, he doesn't let the audience hide. When I saw him & Kevin in Nashville, his segments of the show were filled with uncomfortable moments, but they were hilarious. And once you stopped squirming around and realized it's a ride, enjoy it, it was a great night of comedy. He had to fight for it, but that's why he's a hero. He never though, 'they're not coming along with me, I'll try something else' he just said screw it, and kept going. He didn't compromise his voice for our comfort. It's his show, come along or get left behind.

And another thing... at the end of the article Scott says gay men don't come out to his shows. When we were in Nashville there were three guys who were the best kind of flamers, and as they were leaving they kept telling us, 'It's an amazing show. He's hilarious. You're gonna love it!' It go me pumped to see what he'd do. I think if he could get their butts in the seats they'd realize he's on their side and amazing. :)

Thanks Scott!

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