Sunday, October 2, 2011

Daddy Drank

So skipping the Sunday Interview to finish the intro 5.

There should be a Head Crusher sketch. There should be a Chicken Lady sketch. There should be something completely silly, like the Nutty Bunnies. A surreal piece like Sausages. A musical number. 30 Helens. Or an extended filmed sequence. But to wrap up MY 5 sketches that explain the Kids in the Hall, I'm posting Daddy Drank.
The Kids were many things, but one unifying factor: their dads. From what they've said, to different degrees they've each had issues with their fathers.

In this sketch, Kevin wrote things his dad would actually say to him, and Dave performed them as HIS dad. So showing two of the paternal personalities that made these magnificent comedians who they are, Daddy Drank.

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