Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Holy smokes... two posts in one day?

There is a sketch comedy group from Canada called Picknicface. They are currently looking for funding for their film Roller Town. The trailer came out a few days ago and it's fantastic.

You may notice a joke in there that is similar to one from Seven Things To Do.

Give it a look!

On their website FAQ they ask how the group got together and this reminded me of KITH.
A: Mark was Kyle's counselor at Improv Camp in 2004. Then Mark moved to Halifax in 2005 and Kyle gave him a half-room in his half-house. They formed Picnicface as an improv trio with Evany Rosen, performing regularly at a local college and irregularly at a punk club for upwards of 13 unimpressed regulars.

They later met Cheryl through the local stand up scene. Andy, who'd been filming his own sketches in Toronto, showed up and introduced video to the group like Prometheus introducing fire to the feral Greeks. Then came Bill "Moms Not Bombs" Wood and Scott "Thousand Jokes" Vrooman.

Nobody's sure how Brian ended up in the group. All of a sudden he was just "there."

Sounds a bit like Scott.

Dave Foley said they were, "distressingly good."

And just for a reminder...
Seven Things To Do

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