Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm Canadian

I realized today that I've yet to post a Buddy Cole sketch.

This is a horrible over site on my part! So judging by the poll a few Scott fans have shown up.

Welcome, and thanks for voting for him...

There's so much you can say about Buddy, like the fact that each time the guys do a tour Scott says, "I can't come up with another Buddy monologue. I just can't do it!" And all the guys say, "That's fine Scott." Within a few minutes he's back, "Ok, I've written one, and it's twelve minutes long." This story has been told by each of the guys at different times, in different ways, so I'm paraphrasing.

When I was younger I didn't 'get' the Buddy Cole stuff so I would always get upset when he would come on the TV, but now I really enjoy his monologues.

So now, one of my favorite Buddy Cole sketches.

I'm Canadian

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